Özzy Aydogdu

Özzy Aydogdu


Özzy started her yoga journey in 2015 in İstanbul. Soon after she decided to move to NY, she noticed that there was a connection between the beginning of her yoga path and her moving to New York City. This makes her believe that there is a reason for everything. After moving abroad, yoga became a very important anchor in her life. Özzy started practicing daily and right away, she began to notice the positive changes in her life. She was able to rewire her anxiety-driven brain in a way that she didn’t even know was possible.

In 2016, she cmpleted her first 200-hr Power Vinyasa training at Yoga to the People, and has taught hundreds of classes in many studios and online platforms. In 2020, she finished her second 200-hr training in Rocket Yoga with ‘Yoga with Carson Academy’, where she became a part of the teacher training crew and taught global online classes to serve the community.

During Covid-19, she traveled while teaching her online and outdoor classes. Traveling gave her the opportunity to experience teaching in different countries and cities. Currently she lives in Brooklyn, continues serving the NYC community, and continues working on new projects including retreats to share the love of yoga with others.

She likes creating playful and challenging sequences for her classes combining strength drills, fun mobility exercises with breath work and mindfulness.

Özzy believes that with a clear mind, one can do or be anything they want! Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation practices are her ways of keeping her mind in a good space. She loves to share the goodness. For Ozzy, yoga has become the greatest path for sharing the love with others.

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