Class Styles

Class Styles

Sui Soul

Inspired by the principles of Hatha Yoga, our signature foundational practice places an emphasis on core strength and the alignment of breath with movement. Expect a mix of slower-paced sequences with intentional holds.

Sui Sun Moon

Inspired by the distinctive energies of Yin and Yang—contrasting forces that ultimately compliment one another—this practice juxtaposes an upbeat vinyasa flow with a series of long, slow holds on the floor.

Sui Wild

A higher-intensity freestyle flow comprised of challenging sequences with a strong focus on core strength. Our most challenging offering.

Sui Deep

Our Yin inspired offering—a gentle, restorative practice with a slow and meditative pace, focused around deep, intentional stretches and longer (two-to-five-minute) holds. A perfect choice for those looking to slow down.

Sui Kind

Our most accessible offering—designed for everyone, at every level. Donation-based.

The Uniqueness Of Our Classes

Our classes are infrared heated and thoughtfully sequenced. They bring all immersive multi-sensory experiences, using healing elements like Himalayan salt walls, light and sound immersion, meditation, breath work, plus high energy. To help awaken the inner healer, our classes are curated with a focus on synchronization with the human circadian rhythm through light therapy.


Infrared Heat

All of our classes are heated using infrared heat, a therapeutic heating technology that increases cellular metabolism and blood flow, penetrating deep into the body’s fascia to relieve aches and accelerate muscle recovery.


Both of our studios feature illuminated Himalayan salt walls, which interact with the body on a biochemical level, promoting skin and respiratory health. It can also increase serotonin levels (which positively impacts digestion, memory, sleep, appetite, and mood). The warm, gentle glow of a Himalayan salt wall counteracts eye fatigue.

Light Therapy

Both our studios use a wide spectrum of colorful hues that are carefully chosen according to the time of day and mood of the class, helping to restore our natural circadian biorhythms for optimal energy levels and sleep quality.

Sound Bath

Many of our classes—including Sui Sonic and special workshop events—incorporate sound bath: an immersive and transportive full-body listening experience wherein students are “bathed” in the healing vibrations of sound, encouraging a state of mind that’s calm yet focused.

Conscious Breath & Breathwork

In each of our classes, we teach the healing practice of breathing with focused intention. Some of our classes also incorporate specific forms of breathwork—an active meditation technique that involves the conscious manipulation of the breath to transform energy and enter different states of awareness.