Juan Gamboa

Juan Gamboa


Juan Gamboa has been a NYC-based yoga teacher since 2009. He is the founder of the P.A.R.C. (Practice And ReCover) initiative, a donation-based, grassroots movement launched in the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

He has taught and guided retreats all over the world: Morocco, Manila, Mexico, Dubai, Thailand, Greece, Cartagena, Sri Lanka, Goa, Panama and Costa Rica. He is most at home in the West Village where he has been residing for almost 10 consecutive years. His trainings include: 200 RYT at Sonic Yoga (‘08), 300 hour meditation at MNDFL (‘18), 75 hour Kula training (‘15) Kula Yoga Project.

In his Sui classes, you will experience energizing and grounding qualities; connected to breath and body. His classes are strong yet supportive. Students are guided by breath, alignment and curiosity for exploration.

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