AJ Alvarez

AJ Alvarez


A.J. is a yoga and breath technician, ancient medicine mentor, and a modern guide for energy medicine practices. He offers a unique blend of optimal performance training and spiritual insight which empowers others to awaken their potential for transformation and healing.

A.J.s studies consist of kundalini yoga, breath work (pranayama), energy work, and performance training; combined with his indigenous perspective that have shaped his offering and understanding of how we use our breath and energy more optimally. As an internationally recognized teacher and energy mentor, he offers a biodynamic and playful approach to breathwork and encourages others to explore the transformative power of our own healing energy.

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or new to breathwork, A.J.’s practical and encouraging approach makes his classes accessible to all. He invites you to experience a journey of self-discovery, where breath becomes a gateway to holistic wellness and self-empowerment.

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