Sarah Gaines

Sarah Gaines


Sarah Joy Gaines has been teaching movement for nearly a decade, including yoga, group fitness, and intuitive movement. She was introduced to yoga at an early age, fell in love with it as a practice for mental health specially while going through her teenager phase and early college years. She officially obtained her yoga training certification from the Colorado School of Yoga in 2019. Sarah is the creator of joyflow®, a guided free movement practice that allows your body to lead the way. She has taught around the world, at festivals, conferences, events, on digital platforms. She has been featured in People, USA Today, Insider, shining light on her pushback of what wellness is “supposed” to look like, encouraging a shift of focus to feeling good from within.

Sarah is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality, Gender, Religion, and Social Justice in honor to her mission. In all of her classes, Sarah creates a playful space to slow down, tune in, get in touch with the power and wisdom of the body, and most importantly, move in a way that feels good to you.

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